Human Resources and Legal

Human Resources and Legal

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This policy is provided exclusively by SKB Risk Services. Employee disputes affect any size of business and tend to keep business owners awake at night with the risk of court disputes and large awards. The EPLI policy combined within a comprehensive HR and legal services package offers real peace of mind and sound legal advice from a top legal network, United Employment Lawyers. The policy coverage is unmatched in the industry with no excess to pay (as long as you follow the advice of United Employment Lawyers). Your policy will cover the cost of defence and awards.  

The service package is competitively priced and scale rated dependent on the number of employees. There are no fixed tie in periods. In addition, the cost of the employment practices liability insurance is summarised in the table below;

Staff numbers£250,000 limit£500,000 limit£1,000,000 limit
Up to 25 £336.00 £504.00 £672.00
26-50 £448.00 £672.00 £784.00
51-100 £560.00 £784.00 £1064.00
101-200 £840.00 £1064.00 £1512.00

The above premiums are based on annual policies and are inclusive of insurance premium tax at 12.00%

“It’s been a pleasure dealing with SKB Risk Services. I like how they are patient and kind enough to deal with my insurance and it takes a real weight off my mind. They are always pleasant to chat with and I couldn’t do without them”

Craig Keddie