1960 Mercedes Benz 190SL Front

The great replacement parts scandal

7 November 2017

Most of us will have been in a position to need a repair after a crash. Did you know however, your pride and joy might not be getting original or even new parts fitted during the repairs? Read more


What is EPLI?

15 September 2017

EPLI stands for 'Employment Practices Liability Insurance', and is there to protect you and your business against claims or disputes by your employees. Read more


Ogden Rate change update - Good news for motor premiums

8 September 2017

This is an update to our original article here. Read more

Insurance act2

The Insurance Act 2016

1 September 2017

What difference does the Insurance Act make to me? Read more

Insurance Implications Following Ogden Rate Change

30 August 2017

As has been widely reported in the national media, The Lord Chancellor recently announced that, from 20 March 2017, the Ogden rate of discount will be reduced from 2.5% to -0.75%. Read more