Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance

High level private healthcare is important for yourself and your family. We can bring you this from a top UK based insurer at excellent rates. 

Bespoke cover can also be arranged for your business which can be included as part of an employee benefits package.  

The policies are underwritten in one of 2 ways;

  1. 2 year moratorium basis – cost effective option with no forms to complete. (pre existing medical conditions are excluded for the first 2 years)
  2. Full medical underwriting – insurers take a full medical history and decide on which covers they can offer you

For all policies, cover can be tailored to your needs based on the following features;

  • Standard or full out patient options
  • Full comprehensive cancer care
  • Fast track appointments service
  •  24/7 telephone support line
  • Therapies including physiotherapy
  • Mental health
  • Dental and optician cash back
  • 6 week NHS Option – in return for a discount on your policy, if the NHS can treat you within 6 weeks then you will use the NHS service
  • European or worldwide travel cover option (adventure sports available)

For your Business

In addition to the above policy features, the business healthcare policy can also provide unique benefits such as;

  • Pre existing conditions – this a common exclusion or restriction in private healthcare policies however, we can source a business policy where the medical history is disregarded for companies which cover more than 15 employees
  • Member offers such as discounts on health clubs
  • Policies can be tailored to suit your budget – different levels of cover can be offered to different groups of employees and key staff
  • The addition of family members 

“We have dealt with SKB Risk Services Ltd for over two years and in that time have found them to be extremely efficient, knowledgeable and helpful. Satvinder is both friendly and approachable and manages to give us clear and understandable advice where needed.  We have no hesitation to recommending them to others. Best Regards.”

Brenda Macartney